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The quality of your words is important.

When people come across your words in the outside world, they gain an impression of you, or your business or organisation. And you need it to be a good one.  Quality checking your own text can be difficult. Even if you have the time and skills, you can be ‘too close’ to the text and see what you expect to see, rather than what is really there.

The services below can help you feel confident that your content is clear, consistent, free of errors and ready for the outside world.
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Publishers, academic authors, independent authors.


Final quality check of a document almost ready to be published

Books, research reports, journal articles
  • Check for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, consistent layout and everything in the right place.

  • On-screen Word ‘track changes’, PDF mark-up or BSI symbols.

  • Proofread to house style.


Ensuring your documents are clear and error free so readers concentrate on your message

Draft documents such as reports, blogs, training materials, marketing materials, user guides

To see how proofreading services can help businesses and organisations, please have a look at my Businesses & Organisations page.

Editing for:

  • Clarity, accuracy, consistency, repetition, missing information

  • Appropriate style for your audience

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • House style or creation of a style sheet


Businesses, third-sector and
public-sector organisations,
higher education institutions.

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Businesses, third-sector and
public-sector organisations,
higher education institutions.

Editing Website Content

Improving your content so potential clients don't click away from your website

Refresh existing text, Get new content ready or Adapt print content for your website 

You only have a few seconds to make a great first impression on your website visitors.

Web users tend to read more slowly and are often trying to find answers quickly, so if they can’t understand what your website is about at a glance, they are likely to leave in seconds.

It goes without saying that good web content is written clearly and is error free, but website content also needs to be much easier to skim read and absorb compared to other text formats.

How Can I Improve Your Website Content?

I can help make your text more website friendly. 

This means:

  • less wordy, with shorter sentences and paragraphs
  • pertinent headings to help navigation
  • descriptive links to aid navigation ( no ‘click here’!)
  • presenting information in digestible formats (lists, tables, diagrams etc)
  • moving key information up front
  • appropriate language for your audience

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